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Our Founders

We opened Nxtgen Closet out of the desire to enhance the lives of others.  Throughout our adult lives, we have striven to serve something greater than ourselves, beginning with our military service career and lasting through our active ministry involvement.  Through each of these, we encountered people who simply wanted a brighter future and a better hope for tomorrow.  Yet, all too often, we also discovered a segment of society who had been neglected or ignored. 

Finally reaching the point of no longer willing to accept the status quo, we determined to make a positive impact for the benefit of others.  Recognizing we all need clothing and we all need help at some point or another in our lives, we asked ourselves, "Why not combine the two?"

Making this decision enables us to provide sustainable, value-priced clothing for the purpose of helping aging-out foster care children and human trafficking survivors gain a new start in life while also helping to protect our environment.  We resolved that people were more important than profits and we wanted to make a difference in people's lives; we wanted to make a lasting difference.  Don't you?

We are grateful you would consider partnering with us!


Nxtgen Closet is an online resale company that offers a variety of clothing and accessories for women and children.  We focus on providing quality, name brand clothing at discounted prices.  These items are either big box store shelf pulls, overstocks, or gently used clothing items that offer many years of wear available.  While shopping at nxtgen Closet, you will find your perfect outfit for the office, play, or formal occasion while simultaneously enhancing an individual's life or improving the quality of our environment.


We believe giving back to help others improve their lives is important.  We believe we have an inherent responsibility to to help tomorrow's generation, the next generation, have a strong foundation to support their dreams, goals, and aspirations.  We believe we are not the only ones to carry this desire.

For these reasons, and others, we determined that 10 percent of every sale would go to support a cause endeavoring to improve the lives of others.  But, we also wanted every customer to have a choice in which non-profit received that donation.  This is the reason we ask each individual to select one of three life-changing agencies at the time of purchase to receive 10 percent of the purchase.

In addition to that 10 percent, nxtgen Closet adds another 10 percent thereby doubling every customer's support of life-changing efforts.  

Together, we can positively influence someone's future.  Together, we will make a difference!